ATTENTION: When using a proxy or load balancer, the server settings must be checked before the update! Further information here.

With this update a critical vulnerability has been closed.

The form process parameter "xfc-pp-base-url" can no longer be used.

The complete list of new features of version 6.5 can be found here.


  • Improved form login mechanism.
  • The form process parameter "xfc-pp-base-url" can no longer be used
  • Information about the database can be found under System -> Server information.

Bug fixes

  • Performance improvements on the form overview page.
  • Fixed bug with embedding forms via API method.
  • iCal links to schedules can be created even if the FORMCYCLE server does not have an Internet connection. In this case, the iCal file does not have a default time zone.
  • The user profile is set correctly after logging in to a form.
  • XFC_METADATA.currentUser.ldap is correctly initialized again with the LDAP data of the logged in user.
  • The login screen no longer appears after "Submit without saving".
  • Number of ajax requests in the backend when sending form invitations is greatly reduced.
  • Placeholder replacement is now also performed when executeing/confirming the double opt-in.
  • Visibility of form elements (user groups) is now correctly evaluated based on the logged in user.
  • Parameterized date placeholders are replaced correctly.
  • Error where the target field of the action "Email" could not be operated has been fixed.
  • Error when filtering in form specific mailbox views was fixed.
  • (Sub-)titles are printed into the document during PDF/Word export.
  • Fixed an error in PDF/Word export when no font size is specified for form elements.
  • Error in PDF/Word export of fieldset legends was fixed.
  • minor UI improvements.
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