Download 6.6.6

For a seamless operation of Xima® Formcycle behind a proxy or load balancer, from Version 6.6.0 on, it is recommended to set up appropriate forwarding for WebSockets. You can find more information here.


  • When exporting form records from form specific inbox views, "Column name of the data table" is selected by default for the column names in the Excel document.


  • Portalpluginfilter & -servlets funktionieren nun auch bei deaktivierten Cookies.
  • Fixed a bug where appointments could not be entered with conditionally hidden appointment finder elements in forms.
  • Deleting entries in CSV data sources no longer causes errors in the invitation configuration of forms that use this data source.
  • Fixed a bug where the properties area of fieldsets and containers in the form designer was not updated correctly.
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