This menu contains various information regarding the current server and the installed Xima® Formcycle system.

This menu grants you access to information about the operating system, the Java version and much more. When you or somebody else submits support request, this information should be sent as well. Please note that it is possible to sent some relevant system information automatically.

The information on this page is grouped into the following categories:

Operating system environment
General information about the current operating system.
Details in the version of Java used to run Xima® Formcycle
How much memory is available and how much is currently used.
Information on the application server on which Xima® Formcycle is run.
Used path
The directories used by Xima® Formcycle for storing data such as configuration files.
Available TTF fonts
A list of all fonts that are installed on the server. Some actions such as Word (Fill) require that the necessary fonts are installed.
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