Download 6.6.8

For a seamless operation of Xima® Formcycle behind a proxy or load balancer, from Version 6.6.0 on, it is recommended to set up appropriate forwarding for WebSockets. You can find more information here.


  • Support requests can have files attached.
  • Restarting a frontend server and connecting to a frontend server is now possible via MBean methods.


  • Appointment finder elements can now be validated on the server side.


  • User groups are evaluated correctly after form login via Kerberos.
  • A frontend server connection can be established despite faulty portal plugins.
  • Fixed an error where the image preview of uploader elements did not work correctly.
  • Correct display of validation errors of the appointment finder.
  • The maximum capacity of an appointment slot can no longer be exceeded.
  • Display errors for FollowUp labels in the inbox and print have been fixed.
  • Performance improvements when opening form records in the form-specific inbox view.
  • PDF fill control characters, such as line breaks, are no longer masked.
  • Fixed a bug where data sources were not referenced correctly after form import.
  • Regular expressions on form elements are validated only if a value is also present.
  • Fixed potential security issues.
  • Server-side variables are can be used  during workflow processing.
  • The values of select elements with checkbox, radio button or question representation are saved/loaded correctly on the client side again (e.g. in the offline client).
  • Minor UI bugs have been fixed.
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