Download 6.6.11

After installing this version it is necessary to perform an database update in FORMCYCLE.

For a seamless operation of FORMCYCLE behind a proxy or load balancer, from Version 6.6.0 on, it is recommended to set up appropriate forwarding for WebSockets. You can find more information here.


  • NameIdPolicyFormat & NameIdPolicyAllowCreate parameters are configurable for external users of type SAML 2.0.
  • List of supported signature & encryption algorithms extended.
  • Plugin authenticators can determine which attribute values are masked.
  • Performance improvements when loading form record attributes.
  • Forms now have a main landmark.
  • Values in parameter lists are trimmed on save (removing spaces at start & end).
  • Log level reduced when accessing non-existent appointment templates.

Bug fixes

  • Tooltips on form elements are handicapped accessible.
  • Login to a frontend server with inbox works correctly again.
  • Selection elements no longer lose focus on Enter.
  • Fixed an error when sending form invitations and saving them afterwards.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when redisplaying a selection form element with data source.
  • Sending invalid form data by hitting Enter in Chrome is prevented.
  • Fixed minor UI bugs.
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