Download 6.6.10

After installing this version it is necessary to perform an database update in FORMCYCLE.

For a seamless operation of FORMCYCLE behind a proxy or load balancer, from Version 6.6.0 on, it is recommended to set up appropriate forwarding for WebSockets. You can find more information here.


  • The state of the workflow action "Change state" can now be defined via name/variable.
  • Browser autofill behavior can be defined for form elements under "Advanced".
  • Plugin widgets can now define how they should be displayed in form exports (Word, PDF).
  • Plugin widgets can be used to define new actions for button elements.


  • For client protocol entries, the system ID of the relevant entity is also logged.
  • Variables provided via plugins can now use the current client for placeholder replacement.
  • The system status "Received" is highlighted in the workflow UI.
  • The identifier for duplicate records is now only evaluated for new form records.
  • Form elements can be displayed with or without borders in form exports (Word, PDF).
  • Plugin widgets can define their own attributes.

Bug fixes

  • Kerberos/ NTLM settings under the menu item Single sign-on are saved correctly again.
  • When duplicating form records, the mapping of form fields to attachments is preserved.
  • When saving an External User with an existing name, a more accurate error message appears.
  • Keep alive mode is enabled by default for the various publishing options of a form.
  • The keep alive URL in forms is correctly determined.
  • External users of type "SAML 2.0" can now interpret nested structures in user attributes.
  • The maximum password length for mail server settings has been increased.
  • Form widget resources are no longer cached by the browser when the widget is refreshed.
  • In the table view of a form record in the inbox, the variables are now also displayed.
  • Default values of server-side variables are saved to the form record.
  • When clearing the identifier fields for duplicate records, the identifier is reset correctly.
  • Actions that change the values of form fields of the duplicate record identifier now update it correctly.
  • Fixed an error where changing the form title was not saved correctly.
  • An error no longer occurs when the font cannot be found in the PDF in the "PDF Fill" action.
  • Case sensitivity of file extensions is irrelevant when importing data sources.
  • Values of form fields are no longer interpreted as numbers during form record export.
  • Missing HTML templates for "One time submission error" are created.
  • Fixed an error when evaluating the license features.
  • Fixed some UI bugs.
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