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Download 6.6.0

For a seamless operation of Xima® Formcycle behind a proxy or load balancer, from Version 6.6.0 on, it is recommended to set up appropriate forwarding for WebSockets. You can find more information here.


  • Privacy policy & imprint can be integrated via HTML template in the footer of the form.
  • New plug-in interface for the integration of user-defined form menus in the form overview.
  • The element overview in the Designer now also shows the property "Server validation".
  • The placeholder [%$DATE%] can be used without a form record.
  • Links (iCal) in the appointment management can be subscribed to directly via a button.
  • The "Reply-To" header can be configured for e-mail actions.
  • If a form is opened in an outdated browser (e.g. IE 9), a corresponding dialog for troubleshooting is offered.
  • (API) Clients can be extended with additional attributes.
  • Conflict resolution dialog when uploading multiple form or client files.
  • Conflict resolution dialog when uploading multiple form or client files.
  • The form record ID can now be exported when exporting in the mailbox.
  • The name of the font family is now also displayed under Server information.
  • In the application properties it can be configured that the date of the last login to the client/ of the user is stored in the database.


  • Improved form import and update.
  • Invite persons now correctly displays the maximum number of possible invitations.
  • The form overview page was revised and loading times improved.
  • When deleting all form records of a form, a log entry is created.
  • The function $.xutil.getQuery returns a promise in the future.
  • The function $.fn.replaceParams for forms is deprecated and will no longer be supported from version 7 onwards.
  • The properties "margin" and "padding" are no longer declared at the BODY node. The assignment is now done via a CSS class "xm-body".
  • Form passwords configured under Access can be displayed again.
  • Required fields can now no longer be additionally misconfigured with the "Required if" property. The option "optional if" appears instead.
  • The option "Unregistered review" was changed to "In this status, the form can be opened without user login via the Form-Process-Link" or "Process-Link without login".
  • Appointment finder elements are no longer displayed in the FORMCYCLE offline app (they require an internet connection).
  • Form title and description can now also be changed on the form overview page.
  • Names for form groups can be changed on the form overview.
  • Rich Text Editors in the Designer now resize correctly when undocked.


  • Fixed an error when updating the SAML configuration of an external user when using an ORACLE database.
  • Plugin result variables are determined from the correct state.
  • The paths of the fonts displayed under Server Information are displayed correctly under Windows.
  • Fixed a problem with form import with resources with the same name.
  • Log entries are generated when creating and updating during a form import.
  • Fixed an error when filtering in date columns of form specific mailbox views.
  • On the password reset page the background image is now displayed correctly.
  • Remaining characters on a text area are now also displayed correctly in English and Dutch.
  • The Delete button for templates in the Designer is now displayed correctly in English and Dutch.
  • Files without file extension can be uploaded and used in the Xima® Formcycle backend.
  • Follow-up labels for text areas without autosize are no longer overlaid by the text entered.


Download 6.5.6

ATTENTION: Since version 6.5.3 the proxy server or load balancer settings must be checked before the update when using a proxy or load balancer! Further information here.

The complete list of new features of version 6.5 can be found here.


  • The default attributes of the user variables can be accessed case-insensitively.
  • Disabled form fields are no longer hatched when printing with phantom printer.

Bug fixes

  • Checkboxes are no longer rendered twice during Word/PDF export
  • If it is an anonymous user or the setup user, the user variable attributes for displayName, firstName, familyName & mail remain empty.
  • Fix minor UI errors.

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