Download 6.0.1

To enable a rich set of new features, there are several updates that need to be run when you install the new version. Depending on your server configuration and the database management system, this process may take up to several hours.

Plugins need to be compiled against the new version and tested whether they still work. Plugins provided by XIMA need to be updated when you install the new version.


  • For the backend, we do not support the browser Internet Explorer anymore. When you go to the login page, you will see a notification when you use a non-supported browser.
  • A CSV data source may now have less than 2 columns. When you create a new CSV data source, two columns are created by default as before.
  • The default value for the help link was changed to

Bug fixes

  • The login name was case-sensitive. This restriction had already been removed with the update to 5.0.18, but was re-introduced with 6.0.0. The login name is now case-insensitive again.
  • Minor changes and improvement to the UI, and some UI issues with certain browsers were fixed
  • Form templates could not be created in the browser Microsoft Edge
  • When a plugin was incompatible with the current version, an issue could occur that prevented the plugin from being deleted or updated
  • The column process ID could not be toggled in the protocol menu
  • When an already submitted form was submitted once more, the double opt-in process was sometimes triggered  again
  • The drop areas of form elements in the Xima® Formcycle Designer did not display properly sometimes
  • When opening the preview of a form in the Xima® Formcycle Designer, the wrong texts were sometimes used when the default language was selected
  • When the width of the browser window was changed dynamically, there was an issue with repeatable elements in a form that resulted in the responsive mode not working properly.
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