Blog - Release Note - posts for September 2020


Download 6.6.2

For a seamless operation of Xima® Formcycle behind a proxy or load balancer, from Version 6.6.0 on, it is recommended to set up appropriate forwarding for WebSockets. You can find more information here.


  • The recognition of the character encoding when importing CSV files has been improved.
  • When opening the mailbox via [%$FORM_INBOX_LINK%], the client option is now correctly pre-assigned for the login.
  • Improvements for the Dutch translation have been added.
  • If the server side validation fails, the system now jumps to the form page on which the error occurred.
  • The object XFC_METADATA.serverValidationErrors now contains a list of the validation errors that were found on the server after submitting a form.


  • Multi-line Excel export in the inbox works correctly again.
  • The placeholder for files [%$ATTACHMENT%] on a response page is evaluated correctly again.
  • A problem with the browser cache when opening the designer has been fixed.
  • Help texts are no longer given the attribute "aria-hidden = true" to better support accessibility.
  • The ID's for the attribute "aria-labelledby" in repeated form elements are generated correctly again.
  • To better support accessibility, the focus on technical form fields is suppressed.
  • The automatic resizing for textarea now also works correctly for repeated elements when a submitted form is reopened.
  • A problem when using portals has been fixed when the database context is restarted.
  • A problem with duplicating repeated elements in the designer has been fixed.
  • A problem when updating the configuration of processing plugin in the workflow has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where Captcha entries were not checked correctly.
  • Buttons for removing and adding within repetitions are grayed out if no further lines can be added or removed.

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