PrimeFaces was updated to version 8. If you are using a plugin with a custom UI (such as workflow plugins), they may have to be updated as well. In case you are a plugin developer, see the PrimeFaces migration guide  for further info.

Please note new and potential necessary configurations when operating the application server behind a load balancer, reverse proxy or similar. (see here).


Online appointments
The new appointment management modules lets your users book online appointments with a single click. You can manage the available dates and times in the appointment management menu in the backend. The new form element appointment finder in the Xima® Formcycle Designer lets you add a calendar to your forms where users can select and book an appointment. Once your users have booked appointments, you can view them in the inbox, or subscribe to a calendar feed directly. Finally, when a user books an appointment, they can also add that to their calendar (Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Mac). Use the new response page Appointment confirmed to display the links for adding appointments. (Short introduction).


  • Separate role permissions for the different types of external users.

Bug fixes

  • Displaying the form record in the current form version in the inbox works again.
  • Fixed an error when changing the inbox configuration and the form subject.
  • Only the form element columns that are also set in the inbox configuration of the form are exported by the XML export in the inbox.
  • Fixed an error when saving a form record multiple times.
  • Fixed an error when pressing the "Remove" button of repeated form elements.
  • Unnecessary empty lines are avoided when exporting forms to PDF/Word.
  • Fixed minor display errors in the user interface.
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