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  • Forms on the form overview page are now displayed across multiple pages. By default there are 25 forms per page. This improves performance and loading time when there are many form( > 100).
  • A new option was added to the form access menu: Visible only for. Previously users would always see all forms on the form overview page. If necessary, it is now possible to limit which users can see a certain form. Please note that you can still prevent users from modifying the settings of a form even if they can see it.
  • The form record history is preserved even when an action of type Renew process ID is run by a workflow process.
  • It is now possible to access the value of repeated upload fields  with variables. The name of the uploaded file will be output if the access is indexed (e.g. [%upl_0%]), otherwise the file names will be returned comma separated.

Bug fixes backend

  • Users of an LDAP group could not publish a form in the Xima® Formcycle Designer, as they permissions were not read correctly.
  • There were some issues that occurred when Xima® Formcycle was shutdown or started, these have been fixed.
  • The system update was optimized - it could take some time in case many forms did not have a preview image yet.
  • Excel documents were not imported correctly when they contained empty cells.
  • Forms could not be copied in some circumstances when certain actions were configured in the workflow processing.

Bug fixes forms

  • When a repeated container element contained an upload element as its first child and the container was scheduled to cleared when hidden, the children were not cleared completely.
  • An error occurred when an action of type Word fill was run and the Word document contained a table with both repeated elements and content control elements.
  • Embedded fonts in PDF documents are handled better by the action PDF fill.
  • When a form contained select fields displayed as a questionnaire, the value of the select field was not shown correctly when the form was submitted and opened again.
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