• The length limitation of LDAP filter queries has been removed for all connections
  • In the user group configuration page, the corresponding LDAP groups can now also be selected
  • Categorization of attachments of an form submit in the inbox and highlighting of empty files
  • Adjustments in the publishing wizard to include jQuery with the appropriate integration variants
  • When setting the condition "Extensions" for upload fields they are now also taken into account when selecting files through the browser. Furthermore, the file extensions can now also begin with a dot.
  • The column number to use for the value and the text of options of select-items is now configurable when using data sources and queries
  • Under "System" > "Look & Feel" the client selection in the login screen can now also be activated/deactivated for standard installations
  • Forms can now be opened in preview and live-mode directly from within the designer
  • Various gui, text and translation improvements
  • Various enhancements and adjustments of plugin interfaces


  • Double-Opt-In is now also possible after temporarily saving a form
  • In the action "POST-Request", uploads are now transferred again with their corresponding element name
  • The validation of conditional rendering or activation of form fields (e.g. "Hidden if") now also works on upload fields when redisplaying an form submit
  • Fixed errors in the evaluation of user access rights to individual forms
  • OfflineClient plugin: Values of checkboxes and radio buttons are now correctly accepted in the tabular view of select elements 


  • Support of MariaDB as system database (beta)
  • The action "Email" can now send mails directly to FORMCYCLE users or user groups
  • In the action "Email" now also "CC" and "BCC" receivers can be specified. Alternatively it is now also possible to send separate mails to each recipient
  • New system placeholder for the name of the current inbox ([%$FORM_INBOX_NAME%]) 
  • The "Filename" property on upload elements can now be used to replace the filename of a form upload using wildcards
  • The usage of metadata columns can now be configured in the Excel export in the inbox
  • The usage of metadata attributes can now be configured in the XML export in the inbox and in the corresponding action
  • Under "System" > "Look & Feel" system-wide CSS can now be specified to customize the backend gui
  • New plugin type for the optical modification of the backend gui
  • New plugin type for role-based display of an alternative dashboard
  • New plugin type for custom role permissions
  • New plugin type for custom menu entries
  • Support of custom backend pages within portal plugins
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