Download 6.0.4

To enable a rich set of new features, there are several updates that need to be run when you install the new version. Depending on your server configuration and the database management system, this process may take up to several hours.

Plugins need to be compiled against the new version and tested whether they still work. Plugins provided by XIMA need to be updated when you install the new version.


  • Some code templates in theXima® Formcycle Designer were revised.
  • When an error occurs during the double opt-in process, a corresponding protocol entry is created.

Bug fixes

  • Missing widget plugins do not cause an error in the Xima® Formcycle Designer.
  • Selection elements with checkboxes or radio buttons are now saved correctly saved in the offline app.
  • Mailboxes with active encryption will be reinitialized when MySQL  is used. This is done to avoid issues with special characters such as characters with diacritics.
  • An issue was fixed where an incorrect value was shown in some select editors of the Xima® Formcycle Designer.
  • Improved tooltips in the placeholder selection dialog.
  • Forms that are integrated via an iframe broadcast their current size when the size of the contained form changes. This allows the iframe to change its width and height accordingly.
  • Improved performance when required groups are used in combination with the option clear if hidden.
  • An issue with the data and inbox table configuration dialog was fixed.


  • The datasources plugin interface was extended. Information regarding the current user is now passed on to the plugin.
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