Download 6.0.3

To enable a rich set of new features, there are several updates that need to be run when you install the new version. Depending on your server configuration and the database management system, this process may take up to several hours.

Plugins need to be compiled against the new version and tested whether they still work. Plugins provided by XIMA need to be updated when you install the new version.


  • PDF fill: Drop down elements are now filled even when the submitted option is not available in the PDF document.
  • PDF-Fill: Any JavaScript embedded in the PDF is ignored. This also disables the built-in validation of the PDF. Otherwise, Xima® Formcycle could not fill the PDF properly.
  • Designer: A few JavaScript code snippets were adjusted.

Bug fixes

  • The login dialog in the designer did not work properly sometimes.
  • The permission for some menus such as the double opt-in menu or the inbox menu were not evaluated correctly.
  • When submitted form field values contained special characters, form records were sometimes not displayed correctly in the inbox and in the exported EXCEL document.
  • Sources/CSV: The option First row is header was overwritten when the file was updated.
  • Forms: Conditions (such as visibility) for repeated checkboxes and radio buttons were not evaluted properly.


  • i18n variables: You can now also reset individual values to their default setting.
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