Export of the current form version via the form menu.

By exporting a form and saving it locally, you can move a form to another Xima® Formcycle system.
In order to export the current form version, click the corresponding button in the form menu.

Note that certain issues may occur when importing the form on another Xima® Formcycle system with a version below 6.2.0. This applies mainly settings related to permissions, inboxes, data base connections and frontend server, for example when a form specifies a certain inbox that is not available on another system. When using the name and IDs, forms can be imported without any issues.
Any errors or issues that might occur while importing a form will be listed.

Export configuration 6.2.0+ 

Configuration of the export: Besides selecting an export format, all form dependencies may be selected or deselceted for export.


Since version 6.2.0 a format needs to be selected for exporting the form. This format determines the compatibilty to other Xima® Formcycle versions and the resulting file size of the export. The following formats are available:

  • Compatibilty format (recommended)
    This format allows offers the most flexibility since the exported form may be imported in all Xima® Formcycle version from 6.0.0 upwards. The file size of this format will be greater though. If a form is imported in an older Xima® Formcycle version, only the features that are available in that version will be imported.

  • Default format
    Selecting this format will result in a reduced file size. Exports of this format can only be imported in Xima® Formcycle since version 6.2.0.

Extended settings

The extended settings are only available if the form has dependencies. These dependencies may be form or client files that are used in the workflow, templates that are used in the workflow, Double-Opt-In settings or directly inside the form as well as data sources that may be used for prefilling selection elements. Individual dependencies may be selected or deselected for the export.

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