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S/MIME encryption
You can now sent encrypt emails in the email workflow action. Emails are encrypted via S/MIME.
PDF import
PDF forms can be imported directly in the designer, provided they are available in the XDP format. Just upload them via the button load local backup in the Designer.
Transform form elements
You can change the type of a form element in the Designer - for example if you want to transform a text input element into a textarea element.


  • When deleting a client, the name of that client needs to be entered, to prevent accidental deletions.
  • When creating a Word or PDF export of a form, fieldsets are rendered as tables. This allows you to use the Word fill functions rmt() to remove fieldsets conditionally.
  • When creating a Word or PDF export of a form, no border is added anymore around images.
  • You can use the Word and PDF export dialog to create a new Word or PDF fill action. This action now has the option attach file to form record enabled by default.
  • Form and client files with the following extensions can now be opened via an url: ".otf", ".woff", ".woff2", ".svg", ".ttf" , ".eot", ".sfnt" und ".jpe".
  • Help icons were added to the property panels in the designer that link to the appropriate help page.
  • You can mark individual protocol entries as locked. A protocol entry that is locked cannot be deleted, not even when you use the automatic protocol cleaning feature.
  • An option was added to keep protocol entries of existing form records so that they are not deleted. It is activated by default.
  • When you import a form and conflicts arise, you can now select an alternative for templates, client files and data sources.
  • When creating form records via the invitation feature, a processing protocol entry is added with the user who initiated the invitation.
  • The generation of form preview images was optimized.
  • Several performance optimizations for the inbox were made.

Bug fixes

  • The xfc-pp-success-url is evaluated correctly now even when the double opt-in feature is activated.
  • Variable fields (hidden input fields) that are set as a trigger for a repeated element are updated correctly now.
  • Fixed a bug regarding support emails with multiple attached form.
  • All client protocol entries are deleted now when a client is deleted.
  • Configured page breaks are evaluated correctly now by the Word and PDF export.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the treatment of line breaks in CSV data sources.
  • Fixed several minor errors in the backend user interface.
  • Fixed review of dynamic read-only form elements.

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