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Download 6.6.3

For a seamless operation of Xima® Formcycle behind a proxy or load balancer, from Version 6.6.0 on, it is recommended to set up appropriate forwarding for WebSockets. You can find more information here.


  • the servlets "datenquelledb", "datenabfragedb" and "datenabfrageldap" can now pass the parameter "queryParameterValues" several times. This makes the "queryParameter" and "delimiter" parameters obsolete.


  • The validation of appointment selection elements has been improved
  • The client selection for super administrators is now provided by an extra button
  • If is recognized that a form has been sent by a bot, a corresponding log entry is created. The option can be deactivated under "System" -> "General" -> "Protocol"
  • The $ .xutil.getQuery function now uses the "queryParameterValues" parameter instead of "queryParameter" to pass multiple values to the corresponding servlets. The functions getDataQuery, getLdapQuery, autocompleteDB, autocompleteLDAP, autocompleteQuery are also affected. (There is no change for the use)


  • Filters when searching for records in the inbox now also work if a "ß" is used in the filter text.
  • A problem with some forms not importing has been fixed
  • When exporting forms to Word or PDF format, the selection of a template works correctly again
  • Changes to the subject of a record are now also applied to records that have already been received in the inbox
  • When using the autocomplete function, a change event is now also triggered if the form user makes the entry independently without selecting a suggestion.
  • If a form is integrated on a website on which a different version of jQuery is used than in FORMCYCLE, the parameter xfc-rp-inline can be used to prevent conflicts
  • The browser prevents the appointment selection elements from being filled in automatically
  • A problem when exporting multilingual forms to Word / PDF format has been fixed
  • A problem that occurred when reloading a form on a website with an appointment selection element has been fixed
  • A spelling error in the publish dialog has been removed
  • The entry of closing days in a schedule has been improved
  • A problem where some LDAP users did not have access to the function status change in the inbox has been fixed
  • A problem where pink frames were generated in Word / PDF export has been fixed
  • Missing translation for English and Dutch for the property "Autocomplete" in the designer was added
  • Parameter values that contain a comma are now processed correctly when using the functions autocompleteDB and autocompleteLDAP
  • A broken help link in the Templates dialog in the Designer has been fixed
  • A problem with the selection of system plugins if they are not stored as a jar file has been fixed.

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