Before a frontend server connection is available for a client, it has to be made available for the client first.

Frontend server connected are created once for the entire system. Not every client may be allowed access to a frontend server. Before you can use a frontend server connection, you need to add the frontend server connection in this menu. This requires the corresponding key. In case you do not have this key, try contacting your system administrator.

Base settings

The following base settings are required:

An arbitrary name for the frontend server connection, such as FS-localhost
The Url of the frontend server. This Url is also used to generate links for opening the form via the frontend server, see also how to publish your form. For example:
An optional, internal description for this frontend server connection.
Grant access to all forms automatically
6.2.0+  When this option is disabled, you need manually grant permission to each form that should be available via this frontend server. When this option is enabled, every form is always available on this frontend server. Also, you can press the button Deactivate for all forms in the action bar to the bottom to disable all forms for this frontend server.


Choose the frontend server connection you want to use here. It must have been created in the system frontend server settings.
The required key to verify that this client may access the frontend server. This key must be identical to the key as entered in the system fronten server settings. For example: ee601f12-7716-44f0-bd5a-ede54fd82051
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