6.2.0+  This feature is available since Xima® Formcycle version 6.2.

The Word and PDF export lets you create a blank form. It can be printed and filled out manually.


This feature allows you to export a Xima® Formcycle form into a PDF or word document. Word documents created by this feature contain placeholders and can be used directly with the workflow action Word Fill. You can also saved the exported file as a form ressource.

For each element, you can choose whether it should be included in the form export in the advanced settings panel of the Xima® Formcycle Designer.


Form export

These options let you customize the form export:

You can choose one of .pdf, .doc (old Word format) and.docx (new Word format).
Selection of the language in which the form should be exported. 
Export template
By default, no template is used and exported file contains only the exported form. You can specify a template to insert the exported form into an existing document. For example, you could use a template to include a header page or to insert a header or footer. The exported form is appended to the end of the template document. To include the exported form at another position, you can use placeholder INSERT_FORM. This placeholder needs to be inserted as a form control element, see the Word Fill action for details.
Use visible form placeholders 6.4.0+ 
The form variables are used as element names (bookmarks) in the form elements of the Word file and are visible. Without this option, the placeholders are stored as help text. Input elements are then not visible in the Word document. (Only works in Word documents)

Further processing

This option lets you save the exported form as a form file. You can then use the form file in workflow actions.

Save as form file
If enabled, the exported blank form is saved as a form file.
File name
Name of the file that is created.
Override existing resource
If a file with the same name exists already: When this option is activated, the existing file is overridden. Otherwise, when this option is disabled, the new file is renamed.
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