Download 6.0.5

To enable a rich set of new features, there are several updates that need to be run when you install the new version. Depending on your server configuration and the database management system, this process may take up to several hours.

Plugins need to be compiled against the new version and tested whether they still work. Plugins provided by XIMA need to be updated when you install the new version.


  • The "Attach file to form record" feature has been removed from the "Provide upload file" action
  • Missing widgets now displaying the corresponding widget class name in the form and form designer

Bug fixes

  • ATTENTION: A bug was fixed where options of select items used the column names from a database query as the name of additional attributes. These attributes are now correctly named after the pattern col0 to col<n>. Furthermore, the attribute text, which was also incorrectly generated for all data sources, has been removed. Any use of these attributes must be checked in scripting. The default functionality of select items is and was not affected!
  • Status and user groups are again interpreted correctly in the preview and in the print (PhantomJS plugin)
  • An issue where fonts without names caused an error in FORMCYCLE has been fixed
  • Calculated fields in Word templates are now considered again and no longer causes errors
  • The save function of disabled plugins has been removed to prevent the lose of there configuration
  • The form page selected in the inbox is retained even after switching between table view and form view
  • A problem with migrating plugins of the same name with different clients has been fixed
  • A interface issue where a parameter could not be deleted when the value is empty has been fixed
  • A problem where a form is delivered in the wrong language if certain national languages could not be determined has been fixed


  • The placeholders FORM_DATE_CREATED, FORM_DATE_MODIFIED, and DATE are available to output the creation date/modification date of the process and the current date with the possibility to format them (see Variables)
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